I-Ching (Yijing) Consultations

Yin and Yang sides of the coins

The I-Ching (also called Yijing) is a 3000 year old Chinese Classic (book), called "The Book of Change". It is at the very base of Ancient Chinese philosophy including Taoism and Confucianism. It is based on the Yin and Yang principles. 

In other words, it is a book of wisdom, a source of inspiration giving insights into how to best handle our human life situations.

It is a geat help to anyone who is facing changes in his/her life, or to anyone who simply wishes to get genuine advice on how to behave "wisely" regarding specific situations whether related to work, relationships or self-development.


I offer short One-Month life coaching programs, based on the I-Ching.

What is my role and how do I use this knowledge?

1- To help you see more clearly and define the main issue at the core of your concerns.
2- To give you a clear picture of where you are
3- To show you how you can  get where you want to be
4- To offer you support on your path.

For that I draw from my experience as an I-Ching Life Coach and Chinese Medicine practitioner, but also from my knowledge and practice of mindfulness, relaxation techniques, physical exercise such as qigong, breathing techniques, self development tools ( as required).

You can book a free live or phone short consultation so we can assess how I can help you. 
To book, call 0031 (0)6 24 52 89 16 or email me at karine@my-acupuncture.com, thanks!

A little bit about me and my relationship with the Book of Change:
I discovered the I-Ching almost 20 years ago and have used it as a personal transformational coach since then. For many years, I have been reading, studiying and implementing it. Personal and professional trainings have helped me unveil many underlying subtleties behind the texts and structure and have allowed me to efficiently help others on their way. I am looking forward to accompany you on your journey to more clarity and happiness in your life.

To book a session, or to ask questions, go to the contact form, send an email to karine@my-acupunture.com or call 0031 6 24 52 8915.