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You are unique. This is why Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) focuses on identifying the cause of your problem, to treat it at its roots, and therefore allow the natural capacities of your body to restore itself, so that the problem does not occur again in the future.

Whether you suffer from physical pain or injury, or from a chronic disease, whether you are tired, or depressed, whether you feel good and just want to keep your mind and body healthy...

Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you.

My Acupuncture Practice offers you its time and expertise to help you recover and maintain your health, with:

Chinese herbs
Tui-na (therapeutic massage)
Moxibustion (a warming technique)
Cupping ( to improve circulation)
Advice in Nutrition
Advice in Relaxation techniques and exercices

My Acupuncture Practice also offers Yijing life coaching sessions, or  Life Coaching based on Ancient Wisdom to help you in times of change and decisions.